The story of Lost My Name

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away (called London), three dads and an uncle all stood around a cauldron (okay, a laptop) patiently waiting for their incredible concoction to come to life.

Finally, the product emerged… an impossibly personalized children’s book.

So, what exactly went into making this children’s book? It was a heady mixture of a child’s name, a fantastic array of characters, splendid stories and incredible illustrations. Ah, and the magic ingredient – a clever dollop of technology.

Things went rather well and more help was needed to make even more stupendous storytimes for kids around the world. Writers, illustrators, designers, engineers and yes, Angels, were enlisted. They worked together in a wonderful East London warehouse - and still do today, working hard to create as many magical and marvelous moments as possible for grownups and children around the world.

Soon, we were able to launch our second book, The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home as well as translate our first book into many languages, and plan Great Things for the future. We even sent a book into space, which was read by astronaut Tim Peake in The International Space Station!

And that’s the story (so far!) of Lost My Name. Our books have already made over a million and a half children worldwide incredibly happy, as well as many adults extremely popular. And it’s only the beginning…

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